Digital Transformation – More Than Resources, A Mindset [Infographic]

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Vignette infographie Digital Transformation

If the issue of digital transformation is indeed more about mindset than money, one must ineluctably come to grips with the allocation of those scarce resources. This infographic, based on a survey of more than 300 top executives in the US, looks at the thorny question of resources, benchmarking marketing spend on digital and where the biggest opportunities are said to be among the digital tools and platforms.

The allocation of resources in digital marketing is not about setting a specific percentage of one’s marketing budget. It’s about finding ways to use digital tools, devices and platforms to support the company’s overall strategy.{Tweet this!} There is bound to be an element of experimentation, test & learning; but, nothing is more important than getting started.

To activate the digital transformation, the top executives must play an important role by participating actively themselves. {Tweet this!}

Digital transformation mindset

Digital Transformation Mindset


This infographic is part of a series on digital transformation. Here is the first one entitled, “Winning at Digital Transformation,” which looks at the role of leadership in the digital transformation process.


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