Are you interested in creating a unique team-building experience?

I’m in a singular position to provide a unique experience for your next team-building outing. Combining an experience with padel, the fastest-growing sport in the world (and a sport I’ve been playing since 1974) along with business acumen (>25 years of a high-flying corporate career), I bring skill, joy, learning and engagement to your team-building event. I have a lot of experience in running padel events and enjoy extending the on-court play with life and business lessons that can be brought into your boardroom or daily life. I run workshops on the court (c. 90′) and then bring the lessons learned from padel into business with an interactive and stimulating 1/2-day seminar. As a testament to my padel & business background, check out my podcasts: The Joy of Padel and Minter Dialogue!

Why not try something innovative and fun to shake up your next team-building event?

If you are looking to run a creative and innovative team-building exercise around padel tennis, please contact me or send a mail here. If you’d like a 15-minute call to discuss my offer, please click here and book your most convenient slot:

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