Are you interested in creating a unique experience for your team?

  • In need of a novel team-building exercise?
  • Does your team need a boost of energy?
  • Are you interested to marry fun with useful? To play and to learn? To connect and enhance your team’s functioning?
  • To reboot or rewire your team’s mindset?
  • To gain some counter-intuitive ways to spark innovation and build your business?

Through the Joy of Padel program, Minter Dial is in a singular position to provide a unique experience for your next offsite or team-building outing. Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world. It is notable for its social qualities, ease of play, yet challenge to get good. It combines elements of multiple other racquet sports, yet has unique strokes and shot-making, and it requires specific adaptations and a particular mindset.

Combining a longstanding experience with and knowledge of padel, along with recognised business acumen (>25 years of a high-flying corporate career), Minter brings skill, joy, learning and engagement to your team-building event. Alongside being a BPCA coach and having experience in running padel events, he revels in extending the on-court play to fire up new ways of connecting, driving the business, and improving and/or transforming your culture. Minter runs workshops on the court (up to 2 1/2 hours) and then brings the lessons learned from padel into business with an interactive and stimulating 1/2-day or full-day seminar. As a testament to Minter’s padel & business background, check out his podcasts: The Joy of Padel and Minter Dialogue (in English and French)! He is able to run sessions in French and Spanish.

Topics and skills that will be addressed:

  • how to bring more play into your business
  • how to improve communications
  • how to manage and boost the team’s energy
  • how to view and manage time more effectively
  • new ways to explore the interplay of strategy and tactics
  • bringing counter-intertuitive methods to boost innovation and business operations

Ready to try something fun and off the beaten path to shake up your next team-building event? If so, please contact Minter or send a mail here. All sessions are customised to meet your strategic needs or the objective of your off-site. If you’d like a 15-minute call to discuss his offer, please click on the box below:


to book a video call (via Zoom) directly with Minter here.

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