Heartificial Empathy, 2nd Edition

NEW! The 2nd and significantly expanded edition of Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence, is now out. It’s a much needed book for leaders looking to navigate a difficult context, changing work conditions and a constantly evolving tech landscape. This new and augmented version of Heartificial Empathy, which is about 50% longer than the first edition written in 2018, features an update on the state of advancement on conversational AI, therapeutic AI and attempts to insert more empathy into the business and AI applications.

At the launch of the first edition, Heartificial Empathy won the Book Excellence Award 2019 in the Technology category and was a finalist for the Business Book Awards 2019. With the the need for empathy ever more important and with so many new initiatives happening around empathy and artificial intelligence, it felt necessary to update the text.

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Heartificial Empathy looks at why and how brands should learn to flex their empathic muscle, as well as how to encode empathy in Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr. E with her superpower: understanding (Illustration by Joel Anderson Waithe)


This book is for any business executive looking to accelerate his/her digital transformation, upgrade customer centricity, improve customer service, drive innovation or hike employee engagement. It explores specific business cases and the prominent ethical questions, all the while providing practical advice and concrete tips. It also contains loads of extra resources.

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Book Excellence Award winner



Book Excellence Award 2019 – Category: Technology


Praise for Heartificial Empathy:

“Minter Dial is onto something. Everyone talks about the need for empathy in business and society, but no one describes what that would look like. Dial takes a great first stab at envisioning a future in which deliberate empathy drives both business success and greater societal cohesion. A must-read for forward-thinking leaders everywhere.”
MARTY NEUMEIER, author of Metaskills and The Brand Gap

“Empathy will be the key competitive advantage of the 21st Century. Dial captures the fullest essence of that one special quality that makes us truly human. Dial skillfully illustrates how we can industrialise meaningful solutions for human happiness.”
— NELL WATSON, AI & Robotics Faculty Singularity University, Co-Founder EthicsNet

“An enthralling and sweeping journey along the trajectory of empathy for leadership, society and the sciences.”
— MARIE R. MIYASHIRO, author, The Empathy Factor

“In Heartificial Empathy, Minter Dial masterfully makes the case for why empathy is not only teachable but a requirement for success in business and in life. By dissecting the elements of empathy, Dial has created the recipe book of how to embed and increase empathy in yourself, your organization, and in our machines.”
— CHARLENE LI, bestselling author and founder of Altimeter, a Prophet company

“In a tech-driven society, empathy is an increasingly rare and valuable skill. Minter Dial’s new book is a thought-provoking exploration of the role of empathy in the modern workplace, and how to nurture and sustain it.”
— DORIE CLARK, adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and author, Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out

— JEREMY WAITE, chief strategy officer, IBM Watson customer engagement

“Minter Dial makes an urgent and compelling case for the need for that most human of traits – empathy – to be prioritised.”
ROB MCCARGOW, director of Artificial Intelligence, PwC UK

“Up until now, we’ve seen technologists focus on the raw mechanics of what artificial intelligence can do. But what if we applied that computing expertise to the most powerful lever of customer loyalty and long-term profitability? Putting more empathy into our teams, tools, and processes can only result in vastly better experiences.”
— SCOTT MONTY, principal & founder, Scott Monty Strategies

“A must-read for business leaders and those in charge of AI initiatives.”
— JASON MILLER, Brand Marketing Lead, EMEA – Microsoft Advertising / Bing



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“Just as AI is becoming smart enough to become our virtual friend, we are starting to question whether technology is even on our side. Computers now have access to all the data required to make important decisions on our behalf but they simply don’t care how those decisions affect our lives.

Artificial empathy would allow a machine to understand not just the data but what’s going on in our minds. An autonomous ‘bot’ would have the ability to predict and interpret the joy or pain we might be experiencing. Given this insight, a device could relate to us in a much more caring and considerate way – like a brother or mother. Is this what we want?

In his spellbinding new book, Minter Dial shares a treasure trove of ideas and academic insights that explain empathy and its impact on people and businesses. He explores machine-based empathy. How might that work? Could ethical frameworks be hardcoded into transactional, digital systems? What are the challenges, the opportunities and the limitations?

This beautifully crafted work will open your mind to possibilities. You will learn about the future and the world that awaits. Armed with this knowledge, you stand a much better chance of shaping it to your advantage.”
ROD BANNER, entrepreneur, investor, passionate founder of joytech.org
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