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Minter Dial is a renowned professional international and energizing speaker, who seeks to elevate the debate and connect dots, ideas and people. Thanks to the new world order, he has become adept at making the most of speaking in an online environment. Check out his list of speaking engagements here. He is also a recognized emcee and moderator and can be hired to host Empathy Circles to help promote deeper listening and empathy in your organisation. He runs a series of online and offline experiences, including the popular Energy in Connection.

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Here are the key topics Minter speaks on:

  1. Leadership and Mindset
  2. New Tech and Digital Transformation
  3. Inspiration and Storytelling

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“Thank YOU for delivering such an engaging, thoughts provoking and inspiring session. The whole team has given some very positive feedback and most said that it was the perfect way to end a tough dark week and reflect constructively over the weekend. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity and will treasure those learnings for the weeks and months to come.” Emmanuelle Noyer, General Manager, Estée Lauder & AERIN Beauty

“Minter delivers his content with a level of assertion, together with a grace and gentleness which allows you to follow his salient and succinct points. This combination was perfect for us to learn the art of listening through a workshop teaching us about effective collaboration. It was as if we watched a true master at work.” Shelly Frame, Commercial Director, Etch Group

“Minter has an extremely positive impact on our remote teams. We didn’t see the time go by and his interactive mode allowed everyone to participate! I highly recommend his lectures.” Camille Canuet, VP Group Inclusion & Diversity, Suez environnement SAS

dmitry shishkin BBC

“I asked Minter to open up the Digital Editors’ Network event that I hosted at BBC HQ in November 2018. The main topic of the afternoon’s discussion was leadership in newsrooms. I specifically wanted Minter to open the event because of his interest in various aspects of leadership as well as knowledge of disruptive technologies and wider trends in digital sector. He promised to be provocative to instigate a lively discussion, and his speech was exactly that – it did not leave anyone disengaged. I would recommend Minter as a speaker to any sectors dealing with leadership and disruption challenges.” Dmitry Shishkin, Digital Editor, Languages at BBC World Service

“Minter is enormous fun, thought-provoking and inspiring. I love organising Real Time Club events – especially when they’re as great as this one – Minter is a fabulous speaker and raconteur, he gave us one of the very best evenings we’ve had in a while.” Dr John L. Collins, Chairman of the Real Time Club and Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School

“Minter thinks of the impossible and works on making it possible… When he speaks you want to hear what he has to say. His debating skills are legendary.” Niki Danko, L’Oreal Canada Retail Sales Director


“One of my favorite speakers at the iGaming Super Show was Minter Dial, chair and keynote speaker at the Player Acquisition Strategies conference.” Becky Liggero, Calvin Ayre Reporter


“The Digital Academy in Paris in June 2013 was one of my favourite experiences during my time at Gucci Group/Kering and one of the standout moments in my career journey.” Robin Cox, Kering IT Director

Other testimonials:

“Such an engaging and thought-provoking session from Minter”
Sarah Au MLitt, CSyP, Security professional specialising in insider risk and people security

“A brilliant presentation, great subject and engaging speaker and slides. Lots to think and embrace.”
Steve Bailes, Business Development Manager at Crime and Fire Defence Systems Ltd

“[At the 2020 Security Institute Annual Symposium] the standout presentation was by Minter Dial on the topic of empathy in the workplace.”
David Gill, Group CEO at Linx International Group

“This has been my favourite webinar … and I really enjoyed the fact Minter involved the audience from the start and throughout his presentation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”
Claire Lowe, Deputy senior supervisor at University of Glasgow

Speaking Minter Dial credits

They said it:

Michael Caselli, Founder and Editor in Chief iGaming, NED Clarion Events: “Minter is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker, moderator and chair and has been a go-to attraction for several of our conferences in the past and will be again for future shows. His breadth of knowledge and experience is matched only by the passion with which he delivers his message. He has also been instrumental in helping me formulate themes and developing new ideas for our shows.”

Rod Banner, Adgistics Executive Chairman (@rodbanner): “There’s a moment, just after he’s been introduced, when Minter is just standing there. That’s when I always get excited. He’s a showman, a storyteller, a prognosticator. He’s also a mine of interesting, provocative, insightful information. Best of all, he’s a kind, charming and thoughtful guy with a big heart.”

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– Lauriance Gerthoffer-Ham, Digital Media Specialist, UK

Speaking Engagements

Chronological (highlights only)


  • Vistex
  • SW Connect
  • Etch Group
  • Salesforce EMEA
  • Collaborate SW
  • Yale Club Europe
  • Estée Lauder UK & Ireland
  • Alembic Strategy Consulting
  • Real Time Club


  • Liferay
  • Carrefour (Carrefour Elles)
  • Security Institute
  • Orano
  • Voices of the World
  • Business Breakfast TV
  • GMTS Shanghai
  • Future of Podcasting
  • Axa Partners
  • Mylan Pharma
  • Balderton CEO Circle
  • MIC eMBA, Shenzhen – Leading Through Disruption
  • INSEAD IAAF (Paris)
  • GDF-Suez, Lille (Paris)
  • Yale Club France & UK
  • LikeMinds Business Breakfast (London)
  • ISEFAC Business School (Lille)
  • YPO Morocco – “L’Empathie comme arme de disruption” (Casablanca)


  • MR and Marketing Tech Conference, London (UK)
  • Nudge Festival, Exeter (UK)
  • The World Science and Technology Development Forum, Beijing (China)
  • MIC eMBA, Beijing (China)
  • The United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s Global CEO Conference 2019, Shanghai (China)
  • CogX June 2019 (UK)
  • SXSW 2019 – Putting Heart into Business and AI, Austin, TX (USA)
  • Queens Club – How to fix your business and AI, London (UK)
  • Real Time Club – Putting Heart into Business, London (UK)
  • Twitch HQ – Putting Empathy Into Code, in San Francisco (USA)
  • Burberry – How to futureproof your business, in Leeds, (UK)
  • Southwark Schools – Speaker Big Ideas (England)


  • American Marketing Association – NYC and NJ (USA)
  • Brave World Conference Tallinn (Estonia)
  • CogX 2018 – Friend or Foe, the Impact of AI & Tech on Mental Health panel (London, UK)
  • LikeMinds Festival Exeter 2018 (UK)
  • Digital Analytics Summit 2018 — Storytelling & Media (Turkey)
  • Digital Editors Network 2018 — Leadership in Media (UK)
  • Disruption Summit 2018 — 3 keys to futureproof your business (England)
  • Eesti Energia 2018 — Futureproof Your Business (Estonia)
  • L’Oreal Canada – Futureproof Your Salon 2018 (Canada)
  • SXSW 2018 – How to Futureproof your Business, Austin, TX (USA)

2017 and before

  • ADV Global Summit 2017, Moscow (Russia)
  • Yale Club of London – Speaker Series (2017)
  • iGaming 2017 (NL)
  • LikeMinds Festival – Bristol 2016 (UK)
  • Adobe Summit EMEA 2014,2015,2016 – New Tech Trends (UK)
  • iGaming – 2015, 2016 (NL)
  • LikeMinds Festival – Bristol 2016 (UK)
  • RIA Novosti with Chris Anderson (Russia)
  • Davines Groupe – Social Media in Enterprise (Italy)
  • GDF-Suez – Learning for Development, The new frontier for learning (France)
  • Geostock – Managing the Gen Y (France)
  • Grant Thornton – Managing Stress (France)
  • Hachette – The World of the Internet (France)
  • HAI Vision – FaceChange, the new face of change management (Canada)
  • LMVH Russia
  • MEDA Pharmaceutical – Social Media in Enterprise (France)
  • Orange – Muscling up your eReputation (with Caroline Ghosn) (France)
  • Redcats (PPR) – The World of the Internet (France & USA)
  • Renault – Social Media for Enterprise (France)
  • Renault TV – Managing your eLife in Enterprise (France)
  • Wahl Group– FaceChange, the new face of change management (Germany)
  • Women’s Forum 2011 – Managing your eLife, Twitter for Executives (France)
  • BNP Paribas – Managing the Gen Y (Belgium & USA)
  • Accenture – Managing your eLife (France)
  • Atelier Roman – No(w) Time : Optimizing your Time Management (Poland)
  • L’Oreal – The New Consumer, IBF 2009 (Greece)

Speaking Engagements on Other Media:

  • China Radio International RoundTable Interview (Sep 2019)
  • HR Channel – The end of Employer Branding?
  • TechToc TV – Management 2.0 – The century’s new malady
  • TechToc TV – Can the Web 2.0 benefit the Small & Medium Business?
  • TechToc TV – Facebook and Brands: To fall out of live?
  • France24 – Frequent Commentator

International Conferences (Round table, Facilitator):

  • PegaWorld 2019 panel with Dr Rob Walker
  • Brave World Conference 2018, Tallinn Estonia with Kaja Kallas
  • CogX Summit 2018 — Friend or Foe, the Impact of AI & Tech on Mental Health panel (UK)
  • Global Editors Network Data Journalism Awards Barcelona 2015; Vienna 2016 & 2017; Lisbon 2018, Athens 2019
  • Netexplo Forum 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016
  • Marketing in the Future at Media Aces Digital Marketing Conference 2011
  • Diversity Management at the Jacques Cartier International Conference, hosted at EM Lyon Business School, November 2010
  • The Impact of Digital on Human Resources (EHRF/Entreprises & Personnel), March 2011
  • Community Management, Lessons from the Grateful Dead, at Innovation Napoléon, June 2011
  • Politics and Diplomacy 2.0, at Innovation Napoleon, October 2011
  • Ignite Paris 2011 – Charting Social Media Tools, October 2011
  • Should we invest in Social Media? at Innovation Napoleon, December 2011

University / MBA / Executive MBA Courses:

  • EDHEC (Nice, Lille & Paris) – Digital Transformation 2016, 2017, 2018
  • HEC Brand Marketing and Digital Marketing at HEC M.B.A., 2011, 2012 
  • McGill University – Futureproofing Your Business webinar 2017
  • Sorbonne – Brand Marketing at Sorbonne, Paris I, M.B.A. (CELSA) , 2009, 2010, 2011
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