About Minter Dial

About Minter Dial

“He’s a showman, a storyteller, a prognosticator.”
Rod Banner, Adgistics Executive Chairman

Minter Dial is an itinerant bohemian in search of experiences and interesting people. His mission is to elevate the debate and connect people, dots and ideas. As a metier, he relishes being an energetic speaker on leadership, brand and digital strategy with a specialisation in digital transformation since setting out on his own in 2009. Check out his speaker reel, showing his off- and online speaking credentials.

After a bountiful 16-year international career at L’Oréal, including being CEO of Redken Worldwide and on the Executive Committee of the L’Oréal Professional Products Division Worldwide, Minter returned to his entrepreneurial roots to become a thought-leader, author, consultant and professional speaker. He is based out of London and focuses on leadership and transformation. He’s a certified coach with N.E.W.S. Navigation and D.I.S.C./4Colors and he is known for bringing innovation and high-energy engagement to his activities, including team-building around the booming sport of padel tennis.

Minter was cited for the fourth year in a row in this listing of Top Digital Marketing Influencers

Minter is a member of the advisory board of Global Tech Advocates/Future of Work (UK) and the ECV Digital School (France). Previously, he was a NED at Lastminute.com Group (Switzerland) and SBT-Human(s) Matter (France).

Minter Dial – Professional Speaker, Author & Storyteller

He is regularly voted a top influencer in marketing, B2B and new tech. Working in partnership with a select group of associates, Minter has spent ten years helping senior management teams and Boards to adapt to the new exigencies of the digitally enhanced marketplace. Minter has worked with world-class organisations (Google, Samsung, Remy Cointreau, Orange, Kering, L’Occitane…) to help activate their brand strategies, and to integrate new technologies and digital tools, devices and platforms. Above all, Minter works to catalyse a change in mindset and to dial up transformation. He is the author of four award-winning books (see below), producer of one award-winning documentary WWII film as well as numerous white papers, eBooks and contributions to media outlets, such as CMO.com, Social Media Today and Irish Tech News. His last book is the significantly modified and expanded second edition of Heartificial Empathy, How to put heart into business and artificial intelligence (April 2023), which was also translated into French by the author (Empathie au Cœur de l’IA). This second edition won the Maincrest Media Award 2023 in the category of Business Management. His book on leadership, You Lead, published by Kogan Page, won the Business Book Award 2022 (in the category of Leadership) and has been translated into French:  L’Empathie au Cœur de l’Intelligence Artificielle, Comment insérer de l’empathie dans les affaires et l’intelligence artificielle aux Éditions Diateino.

His next project, a featured publication on Substack, is Dialogos, Fostering More Meaningful Conversations. He podcasts weekly on Minter Dialogue, part of the Evergreen Podcast network, interviewing interesting personalities, authors and entrepreneurs. He’s also founder and host of The Joy of Padel podcast. See Minter Dial’s LinkedIn Profile. View/Download Minter’s Bio ⦿ High-resolution headshot

By Leadershum (source)


I have appreciated motivational speakers as much as I have buckets of week old carp. That is until I heard Minter, at an IFEAT 2022 conference in Vancouver, grab and focus my attention upon aspects of my life that really do and will make a difference. Legacy. Learning to say ‘no’. Listening to folks without judgement. Finding one’s ‘North Star’ are not clichés when conceptualized by Minter’s keen eye.  Inspirational? Yes. Learned? Yes. Emotionally relevant? Absolutely.”
Kim Bleimann, Chairman, Berje Inc & Chairman, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, New York City


“Minter is an enigmatic and insightful storyteller with an ability to translate the implications of future technologies on our world today.”
Jeremy Basset, CEO of Co:Cubed


“Minter is an absolute delight to listen to. He’s an engaging, thoughtful and empathetic thought leader and we try and persuade him to come back every year with yet another cornucopia of insights to share with our audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders.”
Andrew W. Ellis, Founder LikeMinds.live


“an excellent presentation”
Ravi Sharma, Group Head of Health, Safety & Security at Bet365


“Such an engaging and thought-provoking session from Minter”
Sarah Au MLitt, CSyP, Security professional specialising in insider risk and people security


“A brilliant presentation, great subject and engaging speaker and slides. Lots to think and embrace.”
Steve Bailes, Business Development Manager at Crime and Fire Defence Systems Ltd


“[At the 2020 Security Institute Annual Symposium] the standout presentation was by Minter Dial on the topic of empathy in the workplace.”
David Gill, Group CEO at Linx International Group


“This has been my favourite webinar … and I really enjoyed the fact Minter involved the audience from the start and throughout his presentation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”
Claire Lowe, Deputy senior supervisor at University of Glasgow

Minter Dial’s books

You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader

Minter’s latest book (left) is the significiantly modified and expanded second edition of Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence (April 2023). This second edition won the Maincrest Media Award 2024 in the category of Business Management. This new book looks at why and how to embed empathy into your organisation and AI initiatives, given a massive change in context and the new developments in AI. Available on Amazon and other fine e-tailers in paperback, Kindle and audiobook. NB Heartificial Empathy was translated into French: L’empathie au cœur.

Minter’s leadership book, You Lead, How being yourself makes you a better leader, bowed in January 2021 and won the Business Book Award 2022 in the Leadership Category. We have had over a decade of digital transformation and now a year of pandemic. Businesses are being disrupted more than ever. In this context, there is a need for a new kind of leadership; one that bleeds personality and rings true to employees and customers alike who crave authenticity. You Lead argues that business leaders deliver superior results, communities of engagement both inside and outside of the company and true values-driven success when they are themselves and come across as genuine. Available for sale on Amazon and other fine e-tailers. You Lead was translated into French and published by Diateino: La Boussole du Leader, Prenez la bonne direction dans vos vies pro et perso

His second book, co-written with Caleb Storkey, was Futureproof, How to get your business ready for the next disruption, published by Pearson, came out September, 2017. Winner of the Business Book Awards 2018 (Embracing Change category) and nominated for the FT Business Book of the Year 2018 , Futureproof has had rave reviews and an array of press coverage. It has been translated into four languages. See here for more.

In late 2016, Minter wrote and produced the award-winning book and documentary, The Last Ring Home. It’s a moving personal story that returns our focus on the important values of love, courage and honour. The book won the Book Excellence Award 2018 in the category Biography. The film has won ten prizes, including Best Foreign Film at the Charleston International Film Festival. See the trailer here. The film bowed on PBS (WHYY) in November 2016 and has been aired on American public television (including PBS) over 1,000 times across the USA. You can find out more about the award-winning eponymous book that develops more of the history of WWII, covers many more untold stories and provides photos and maps.

Minter Dial – The Speaker Who Energises Audiences and Elevates the Debate

“I would recommend Minter as a speaker to any sectors dealing with leadership and disruption challenges.”
Dmitry Shishkin, Digital Editor, Languages at BBC World Service

insights colors - minter dial yellow/red

Minter Dial is a high energy speaker, combining experience and emotion in his speeches in an effort to elevate the debate and move people into action. He is passionate about languages, the Grateful Dead, WWII history and nearly all racquet sports (especially Padel). In terms of profiles, he’s an ENTJ (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment) according to Myers-Briggs and YELLOW/Red according to INSIGHTS (see right).


Storytelling Across Multiple Media

“Minter is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker.”
Michael Caselli, Founder and Editor in Chief iGaming, NED Clarion Events

A storyteller, speaker and author, Minter enjoys providing customised speeches for audiences around the world. He has crafted stories across a host of different media (short and long film, books, songs, infographics and photographs). He is known for being a dynamic presence on stage. He also facilitates executive sessions on digital transformation and brand strategy.

Minter’s Convictions

Below you will find a signature profile video: My Convictions. You can find Minter’s YouTube Channel here with his highlight reel and much more.

Minter Dial in Press

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Click here to find Minter’s presence in the press.

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I’m Minter Dial and I serve my clients by elevating the debate and energy, telling powerful stories and connecting people and ideas. My mission is to insert more meaningfulness into our lives and at work. I relish being an engaging professional speaker on leadership, transformation and branding. I’m known for being someone who walks the talk and delivers on or above expectations. I’m the author of four award-winning books, including the second and significantly updated edition of my award-winning book, Heartificial Empathy (April 2023, available in English and French), You Lead published by Kogan Page (also available in French) that won the Business Book Award 2022, and Futureproof (FT-Press/Pearson) that won the Business Book Award 2018 and is also available in four languages. I’m also the producer of the award-winning WWII book and documentary film, The Last Ring Home.

My new project is Dialogos, Fostering More Meaningful Conversations that was published weekly over 79 weeks via Substack, which will be converted into a book in 2024.

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