Minter Dialogue 

Podcast in English

Minter Dialogue 

Podcast in English

Minter Dial’s podcast, which has been running since 2010 and released over 550 episodes over that period, has had over 1 million downloads. This weekly podcast deals with topics ranging from leadership and branding to digital transformation to exciting new tech initiatives. The podcast is done in the form of a conversational interview featuring carefully selected leading business leaders and personalities, people with diverse under-represented perspectives and authors from around the world who are making things happen! Guests have included Dr Vivienne Ming (neuroscientist), Esther Dyson (cosmonaut), Seth Godin (The Purple Cow), Rohit Bhargava (Non-Obvious Trends), Alan Trefler (Pega CEO), Chris Voss (Never Split the Difference), Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Brian Solis (digital anthropologist), Dorie Clark (The Long Game), Kevin Ryan (DoubleClick CEO, founder of Business Insider, GILT), Leonydus Johnson (Raising Victims), and many more. Minter relishes discussions on a wide variety of topics and enjoys exploring a diversity of opinions on all sides of each spectrum. Each episode is about an hour long and is released on Sunday morning in time for your Sunday jog, walk or a relaxing moment in the hammock! Hope you’ll come and listen. I always seek to eke out some new insights. Please check out my podcast highlights reel here.

N.B. Minter Dialogue, which has had multiple awards and citations over the years, was cited as the #1 Brand Strategy podcast by Feedspot in 2024. It was listed as a Top 50 leadership podcast by LeadersHum for 2022!

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I'm Minter Dial and I serve my clients by elevating the debate and energy, telling powerful stories and connecting people and ideas. My mission to insert more meaningfulness into our lives and at work. I relish being an engaging professional speaker on leadership, transformation and branding. I'm known for being someone who walks the talk and delivers on or above expectations. I'm the author of four award-winning books, including the second edition of my award-winning book, Heartificial Empathy (April 2023, available in English and French), You Lead published by Kogan Page that won the Business Book Award 2022, and Futureproof (FT-Press/Pearson) that won the Business Book Award 2018. I'm also the producer of the award-winning WWII book and documentary film The Last Ring Home.

My new project is Dialogos, Fostering More Meaningful Conversations that was published weekly on Substack over 79 weeks. It will be converted into a series of books in 2024.

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