Minter Dialogue Podcast Highlights Reel

Leadership & Brand Strategy — Interviews with authors, personalities and entrepreneurs.

Please check out this 3-minute highlight reel of the Minter Dialogue podcast. It’s been going since November 2010 and we’re approaching the 400th show. I’ve been blessed to have some superlative guests, including Esther Dyson, Dr Vivienne Ming, Craig Newmark (Craigslist founder), Seth Godin, Chris Voss and Alan Trefler (Pega founder and CEO). I’ve had many authors as well as many people doing great things in more niche spaces, such as Adah Parris (the Cyber Shaman), Nathalie Nahai (the web psychologist) and Daniel Priestley (KPI).

The show comes out weekly on Sunday. You can find it here.

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