My why and

why Minter?

My why and

why Minter?

Minter’s why?

We are living in a world where the moral compass seems demagnetized. We’re time-strapped and overwhelmed by the choices, activities and daily stresses. With fear an essential ingredient of media coverage and government messaging, it’s easy to feel lost. It seems clear that we’ve entered into a prolonged crisis of meaning. Finding purpose isn’t just a ‘nice to have.’ It’s a fundamental part of life’s journey. It need not be some large world-saving purpose. A proper purpose helps you to make sense of your life and why you are going to commit so much of your time and energy at work.

Certified as a coach with N.E.W.S. and DISC/4Colors, as well as two decades of experience in pedagogy and andragogy, Minter’s mission is to elegantly elevate the debate and connect the dots, people and ideas for a more meaningful life.

To add another couple of bows to my arc, I love to present and talk about the lives and values of members of World War II. Through the research and making of my film, The Last Ring Home, I met over 100 veterans of WWII. It taught me a lot about humility, perspective and grit. See the trailer here.

Finally, I’ve been a lifelong aficionado of the now booming sport, padel. I have inducted hundreds of players of the years and now run corporate team-building sessions that allow all levels to explore and/or improve. And, importantly, I help tease out how to run your business or team better through the lessons learned by playing padel.

Are you interested in creating a Padel Team-Building Event?

If you are looking for someone to run a creative and innovative team-building exercise around padel tennis, please contact me or send a mail here. I run workshops on the court (90′) and then bring lessons learned from padel into business with an interactive and engaging 1/2-day seminar. If you’d like a 15-minute call to discuss my offer, please click here and book your most convenient slot:

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Why work with Minter?

Minter walks the talk. He has put into practice pretty much everything he presents. He likes to test things and experiment and he isn’t afraid to try and fail. It’s all about the journey.

He believes that it’s about moving the people who move people.

Because life is short, you had better make the journey a good experience.

And because he strives to exceed your expectations.

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To Book Minter

I’m Minter Dial and I serve my clients by elevating the debate and energy, telling powerful stories and connecting people and ideas. My mission is to insert more meaningfulness into our lives and at work. I relish being an engaging professional speaker on leadership, transformation and branding. I’m known for being someone who walks the talk and delivers on or above expectations. I’m the author of four award-winning books, including the second and significantly updated edition of my award-winning book, Heartificial Empathy (April 2023, available in English and French), You Lead published by Kogan Page (also available in French) that won the Business Book Award 2022, and Futureproof (FT-Press/Pearson) that won the Business Book Award 2018 and is also available in four languages. I’m also the producer of the award-winning WWII book and documentary film, The Last Ring Home.

My new project is Dialogos, Fostering More Meaningful Conversations that was published weekly over 79 weeks via Substack, which will be converted into a book in 2024.

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