If you can’t find a post you’ve scheduled to be published on LinkedIn, then this one’s for you! Sometimes, LinkedIn has a way of making life difficult. Outside of trying to figure out their ever-changing algorithm, it’s not always a great user experience. I just spent a long time trying to find the post I’d scheduled for publication in a couple of days. I was starting to go nuts. I finally figured it out, thanks to checking out the mobile version (less choices!). So, to avoid your tearing your hair out, here’s what you need to do (in five easy steps).

5 steps how you can find your scheduled LinkedIn post

1/ First, you’ll need to Start a post. To do so, once you’re logged in and on your own profile, scroll down to your Activity section and click “Start a post” as you can see below (presumably you’ll know this since you’re trying to find a scheduled post you’ve already written, but I just want to make this bullet proof!)

Scroll down to activity and find the button: “Start a post”

2/ This will bring up the option to create your post. Click on the grey space as if to start a new post. BTW you’ll find your drafts only by clicking on “Start a post” as well… The saved draft will populate your page immediately.

Click into the grey area: “Start a post”

3/ On the bottom right hand side, click the Clock icon. The rollover will show “Schedule for later” which is what you will have done to schedule it.

If you’re finished writing and are ready to publish it, AT A LATER DATE, hit the little clock (rollover “Schedule for later”)

4/ Then you’ll see in the screen that pops up “Schedule post”, under the Time section bar, “View all scheduled posts ==>”

Here’s where you fill in the date and time you would like to schedule.

5/ Huzzah: your scheduled posts will appear.

Click on the post you’ve scheduled and you can (only) change the time/date.

Are you looking to edit your scheduled posts on LinkedIn?

It is worth noting that once you’ve scheduled your post, you can no longer edit the content. You can only change the time/date. If you need to change the content, you’ll need to copy paste and re-create a post and go through the scheduling process again. Don’t forget then to delete the unwanted scheduled post! Here’s a more detailed post that walks through how to edit/change an already scheduled post.


Other things to bear in mind about your LinkedIn posts if you want to schedule them… First, your post can’t be longer than 3000 characters (roughly 500-600 words). Secondly, there are a number of reasons why you won’t be able to schedule a post on LinkedIn:

        • Events
        • Jobs
        • Services
        • Polls
        • Carousels (i.e. a series of images)
        • Reshares
        • Posts to groups

Voilà, I hope that helped!

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