At the specific moment you’re writing up a post for LinkedIn, there’s a good chance that it’s not the best time to publish it according to when your audience is most receptive. Here’s an article from Influencer Marketing about the best time to post in the US in 2024. For this, it’s a good idea to schedule out your post for a better time, rather than post it when it is convenient for you! To schedule a post, you can use a third party app, such as Buffer, but the best is probably to stick with LinkedIn’s native scheduling functionality (which limits the horizon ahead to 3 months). But note that the User Experience (UX) is subpar.

How to change the time/date of your scheduled LinkedIn post

For instance, have you ever saved and scheduled a LinkedIn post to go out in the future, but then wish to make an adjustment to the content? Well, I’m here to say that I’m afraid that you can’t without starting over! It turns out that once you hit the SCHEDULE button, LinkedIn won’t let you edit the content. You can, however, at least change the date/time of the publication. Here’s how you do that (see the images and instructions in the images below):

If you want to edit the text of your scheduled post

As I wrote recently, it’s hard enough to find a way to find your scheduled post (here’s how), much less change them. The only way to change the content of a scheduled post on LinkedIn is to copy/paste the existing text, and then create a new post, paste the text and edit it as desired and then hit <Schedule> again.

And don’t forget to delete the post you’ve previously scheduled with the wrong text!

Hope you appreciate the tips!

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