Policy for unsolicited guests for the Minter Dialogue podcast

I look for guests who are bona fide personalities, bestselling authors, novel subject matter experts and operational executives (corporate C-suite) as well as under-represented voices. The topics I focus on are around leadership, brand strategy and transformation. In principle, I don’t take unsolicited guests, especially if you (they) are not an author. However, if the topic or your/their book interests me, I can yet be tempted with the following provisos:

    1. I like the topic and think it will work with my audience. Please present why you think you (the guest) would be good person to have on my show. Please know that I am open to having people with diverse opinions and who come from a different background than myself.
    2. I like to hear the proposed guest on prior podcasts (please include in your mail).

Assuming all that’s good, I request, in exchange, that you (the guest) buy two of my books with proof of purchase. Each show takes five hours of my time, so it’s my only concrete ROI!

There’s a choice from five books: 

You can find all my books on Amazon and other fine e-tailers.

If you think this request is fair and you believe you have a good topic for me, please write to: NMinterDial AT gmail. I’ll also request a PDF version (or even a hard copy if possible) of your book if there is one to read, a month in advance of the podcast recording date.

Podcastingly yours, ​Minter​



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