I look for guests who are bona fide personalities, bestselling authors, novel subject matter experts and operational executives (corporate C-suite) as well as under-represented voices. The topics I focus on are around leadership, brand strategy and  transformation. In principle, I don’t take unsolicited guests. However, if the topic or book interests me, I can yet be tempted with the following provisos:

    1. I like the topic and think it will work with my audience. Please present why you think you (the guest) would be good person to have on the show. I am always open to having people with diverse opinions and who come from a different background than myself.
    2. I like to hear the proposed guest on other podcasts (please include in your mail).

Assuming all that’s good, I request, in exchange, that the guest buy two of my books (with proof of purchase). Each show takes five hours of my time, so it’s my only concrete ROI!

There’s a choice from four books: 

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