As you’ve kindly decided to have me as a guest on your podcast, I’ve put together some useful resources and materials that will help you to get prepared, as time is such a precious commodity!

  • My up-to-date bio can be downloaded here.
  • A high-resolution headshot image can be found here. You choose!
  • Here’s a high-resolution image of the YOU LEAD book cover.
  • You can also check out my own Minter Dialogue podcast here (running since 2010).

Suggested questions/topics you might wish to ask:

  • How can you be fully yourself when you are imperfect?
  • Why a new book on leadership, now? What is different about running a business today versus even ten years ago?
  • How important is the governance model of a company in curtailing or liberating a leader to be the best version of him or herself?
  • What is the connection between the Redken 5th Ave NYC brand for hairdressers (that you ran worldwide) and the Grateful Dead band (that you followed)? 
  • In the book, You Lead, you discuss the CHECK framework for leaders. What is this framework, what’s different about it and how can leaders best implement the CHECK mindset? 
  • How can you warrant that by onboarding the You Lead mindset, you’ll achieve success?
  • What are the new ingredients to high performance leadership?
  • How to manage ethics and politics at work in today’s environment?
  • How does purpose and authenticity actually drive performance?
  • Is it better to be customer first or employee first?

You can find out more about You Lead here (including when and where it’s available) as well as my other books (Futureproof, Heartificial Empathy and The Last Ring Home).

Exotic and/or eccentric facts and stories you can pick up on:

  • I’ve exercised fifteen different professions, including three entrepreneurial startups in three different industries, working in a zoo and an aquarium, being a teaching tennis pro, investment banker, pots & pans salesman and more.
  • I’ve changed countries fifteen times.
  • I’ve given a speech that’s over five-minutes long in eight different languages.
  • I produced an award-winning documentary film on World War II (and wrote the book), The Last Ring Home, which has been shown widely on television in North America (PBS) and ANZ (History Channel). The research took 25 years. The film changed my life.
  • I’m obsessed with padel tennis, one of the fastest growing sports in the world and that ought to become de rigueur at all tennis clubs!
  • I’ve been concussed seven times and what I’ve learned from the 7th time (June 2020)
  • I have been to see the Grateful Dead and the various different parts and forms of the Dead around 200 times — and I think businesses have plenty to learn about from the Dead in the way they went about their ‘business’.

Videos of Minter

Here are some videos from Minter’s YouTube channel that could provide further background information:

Minter’s social media profiles & websites

The websites I upkeep:

Here’s a file you can download if you want to get all the above in a PDF!

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