Minter Dialogue Podcast Guest Guidelines

Thanks so much for accepting to be a guest on the Minter Dialogue show.

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The Minter Dialogue weekly podcast is designed to be a conversation, that’s organic in form.

Here are some of the important logistics:

Please be sure to check out these guidelines in advance to ensure the best quality show:

  • It’s an audio recording, although I enjoy having video for us to see one another.
  • Length of the recording is usually around 30-35 minutes.
  • I prefer to make the call and recording via Skype (my username is nmdial) to be able to record two channels. Be sure to find a computer with a high-speed connection and located in a quiet spot.
  • Decent quality USB headphones / microphone (ideally not your native laptop microphone). I also suggest not to use the earphones with short cords as they often rustle against the chin and/or clothing.
  • During the call, turn off all other applications and browsers. Also, turn to silent/airplane mode all phones.
  • Bear in mind I don’t do editing of the interview — one full take unless there’s a four-alarm fire (although there is post production).
  • Please avoid time sensitive comments (although we’ll want to make sure to push people to your book if it’s just come out!) as I like to have a buffer of recordings to release weekly (on a Sunday morning).
  • In that I prefer a conversational style (and I believe that the audio attention span is best served that way), it’s best not to have long monologues. Keeps the listener more engaged.
  • Expletives and emotions are ok; and rebuttals are encouraged. Civility and listening, meanwhile, are my modus operandi.

After the recording…

Send through to me links and items you’d like to feature in the show notes. You can also send me your preferred image (of you).

To be sure, I’ll ping you when the episode is live. Please share as you see fit!

My podcast is hosted on Buzzsprout. The show notes are put up as a post on All episodes are available on a number of typical podcast services, including Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Podchaser, Castbox, Google Podcasts and Overcast. See here for all the locations.