How do I claim a blog on Technorati?

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How do I claim a blog on Technorati?

If you are an English-language blogger and this question means nothing to you, then I suggest you hightail it over to Technorati to learn about the site and get your blog claimed and ranked on Technorati, the central nervous system of blog cataloguing.

What is Technorati? It is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. Having been founded by David Sifry in 2002,  Technorati was said to have indexed, by June 2008, 112 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media (per a hopelessly outdated wikipedia entry).  In 2009, Technorati decided to scale back and only reference English-language blogs.  Apparently DIGG (the bookmarking service) has done the same thing.

If you happen to be discovering Technorati via this post and you now would like to have your blog indexed, you will actually have a fiendishly difficult time doing so if you just go over to the site.  First, there are no easily found instructions.  Here’s the quick solution:  once you have signed in, go to Technorati/Accounts.  Secondly, once you identify your blog, you need to go through some hoops to embed a code in a post (notice the code in the top of this post).  Finally, they will take some time to verify you.  You can always navigate through their “community powered support” site called “Get Satisfaction.”  I’m hoping the Mick has kept his fingers clear of this one.  As it happens, Get Satisfaction has trouble coming up with the answer (80 of them asked to-date) to the question: “How do I get my blog indexed in your directory?“.  Fairly basic problem for a blog indexing site.

In any event, as I still believe Technorati remains a force in the blogosphere (see their 2009 annual State of the Blogosphere report), I encourage you to go over and sign up.  And if you don’t have a blog, it’s a good place to do some blog reading and research.


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  1. I did get confirmation directly from DIGG about the non-English submissions. Here is the response I received verbatim:

    "First and foremost, non-English content may not be submitted to Also, all content submitted to Digg are given "nofollow" tags until they get promoted to the homepage."

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