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There are certain people that come into your lives and begin to occupy “space”… In the most positive of manners, Marie Vic, our Filipino massage therapist, is now a weekly feature and even the kids have begun to relish the idea of a short massage before bedtime. As part of her upbringing and “healer” philosophy, Marie Vic refuses to be paid for massaging the kids (it all began when she said that a massage could help them get through a winter cold a few months back). We should all be so lucky to have such a person in our family lives. (Plus it was her birthday yesterday).

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s always good to hear from you Minter, even more «bumping into you in Vegas» last January. My first massage experience is a powerfull one, performed by a man and a woman, male energy at the feet (grounding) female energy at the head (inspiration). Meditation by each one at the end of the 90 minutes massage. I litterally had a fre falling feeling by which I was «integrating» my body, being embodied. Since then, 17 years ago, I get a massage as often as possible… My challenge is to make time for myself, but I gues it is the one we human are facing every instant… Love & Aloha,
    > Stephan L.

  2. Elisabeth

    Did it cure the common cold? Because if it did, she might as well patent it then retire and buy herself that dream … whatever she wants!

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