Possibly, this blog’s title will stir a few of you! I was walking behind a woman on the street the other day on the way to work when I noticed this woman’s hand (with a lit cigarette in it) come down by her side. She vaguely waved it in the direction of an oncoming man (a rather unfortunate looking man in this case). The man took an almost unconscious step aside which left at least two feet between them. The moment of “aggression” was neatly avoided. It then dawned on me that there might be a hidden, genetic predisposition in all of us to consider smoking as the descendant of fire and, therefore, as a stick of power. As a smoker draws on the butt, there is the glow at the end and that sensation of warmth through the lungs. Somehow, within all this, the smoker is possibly tapping into his/her genetic background and finds his or her pleasure.

Not that I consider smoking as offensive as a gun… except, that is, when I am sitting beside a lit cigarette at a meal.

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