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Yendi (my stunning wife) and I went to see “Sur la Route de Madison” (French version of Bridges over Madison County) at the Marigny Theatre. I’d explain it more as: I went to watch Yendi watch Alain Delon… and, as it turned out, it was also about Alain looking at Yendi on more than one occasion (at the curtain call). Ok, I got to see Mireille Darc (in the buff at one point) who did a fine effort. Alain’s natural aging (71 years old, no tucks at all) gives him an authenticity in the role of Richard Kinkaid, the photographer of the covered bridges. It’s a great story told by a couple with a lot of history. One could not help smiling with Delon (as Kincaid) says “and yes, there have been a few women in my past.” And, given the setting of the play in Iowa, with references to places like “Des Moines,” there were several lines that could have been interpreted as commentary, if not criticism, on the US broadly speaking (e.g. Francesca [Darc] given her European heritage complaining about the lack of culture…). All in all, more a walk down memory lane than a great performance.

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  1. Noëlle

    mmm… I was also tempted to go see Alain Delon in the flesh, but afraid of the probable disappointment (been too impressed by him in “Rocco et ses frères” to be able to stand his decrepitude of age) decided to go see another actor (who ages beautifully) Charlotte Rampling at Théatre de la Madeleine in Strindberg play “Ange de la mort” it was fantastic and well worth the trip, Didier Sandre great actor also (and one of my favorite : closest you can get to “la grande classe”) dialogues are deliciously cruel and refined… I recommend it highly ! Charlotte at her best, pure pleasure.

  2. Joan

    Even with no surgery, Alain Delon managed to age beautifully, I think – that gorgeous mane of hair, those eyes, he still had “it.” I’d say he looked good until around 2010. Now not so much – I find myself looking at him and wishing he’d go to a doctor and get those horrible bags removed! I feel guilty thinking that – be he still has that hair and those eyes. Wouldn’t take much.

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