Biker’s lane – a French right?

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When driving in France — whether in cities or on highways — there is an invisible bikers’ lane. You drive as far over on the left side of the lane you are in to let motorcyclists pass. In France , the bikers have now come to expect this from all drivers. Last night, driving on the A6 to Fontainebleau, I saw a motorcyclist who, offended by the lack of courtesy of a driver (also French) who didn’t pull aside enough, slowed down to motion vigorously and offensively to the driver to move over. All this so that the motorcyclist can speed by with greater ease (the driver was in the “fast lane” already). It does seem to be just another “right” that this population has “acquired” and, for an already dangerous mode of transportation, this type of arrogance seems wildly out of place. Imagine the reaction of a tourist.

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  1. Eric BLOT

    Ah, je te proposerais bien un tour de périph à l’arrière de mon scooter…
    Demande à Eric M. qu’il te raconte 😉

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