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Chapeau to Air France

Took a flight NYC-Paris last night overnight and it seemed that 50% of the passengers were just out of high school (group outing) and it was likely their first international trip by the sounds of the excitement, singing and hugging… Funny how you forget that feeling and became jaded, ornery and more! Their sense of enthusiasm was however infectious, if only tempered by the notion that their cackle might disrupt my sleep! But hats off to Air France for making my trip as peaceful as possible (got the free seat beside me, too!).

Another thing I must report: when I got down to the baggage carousel this morning, I was shocked because my suitcase (marked “priority,” but which generally means your bag gets put to the absolute back of the load by the charming CDG-take-it-on-themselves-to-equalize-everybody baggage handlers) came out first. Not only was it the first bag, but the solo bag to come out in the first few minutes. Chapeau.

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