Biodegradable Coffins – Death goes green

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I could not help but smile at the pleasantness of the subject: death goes green. And of course, they are doing it down under, witness this Australian museum (on-line). There are 2150 hits on google for “biodegradable coffin” (although just 700 on yahoo). Then, in good ‘ole Green Britain, there is an organisation called “natural death centre” which comes replete with eco-friendly burials, including how to be “planted” below a tree of your choice as a burial site. This gives a whole new meaning to “green fingers.”

This morning, listening to Europe 1 radio (in Paris), I heard the announcers speaking to the arrival of the concept in France. A good idea sometimes indeed travels underground. (Note that Google has just 44 hits in French for “cercueil biodegradable”).

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  1. Anonymous

    you are a sick puppy…but please don’t tell me you’re expecting an early demise! Unless, of course, Yendi has other plans. You haven’t been pissing her off, have you? If so, I wonder if cannibus grows well over a decaying bod. Hope all is well with you and yours. We miss you guys

    ps…did you ever receive a book from us?
    take care and be good,

  2. jason montreal

    It is a Jewish tradition (though not all do) to be buried in an unfinished pine box. No nails are allowed either. I suppose that is biodegradable. I am currently working on the development of a show for preschoolers about the environment. Perhaps we could do coffins? Human waste. I would rather be fed to animals when I am gone…

  3. matthew

    I think biodegradable coffins are great. Perhaps it should be one of Sarkozy’s initiatives. He could get some green help from Bush, I suppose.

  4. ABE

    Well, if you think about the growth and price of real estate, our population growth would render much of this land unusable as a grave yard eventually.

    If there is a way of “cycling” this land in a suitable time frame, let’s say one generation, or less (assuming no existing relatives object) this would be beneficial to our land use issues.

    However, would human ego really allow itself to be thought of as mere “dust being returned to dust” with no imprint or impact? Surely we must be greater than mere dust, right? 😉

  5. Nathalie

    Enfin une idée intelligente. L’ équilibre est de mise entre les utiles et les inutiles sur terre. Certains serviront enfin à quelque chose.

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