I don’t know about you but health, healthy eating and keeping my weight down are [at least] a daily consideration. It’s a topic that far outstrips male banter about cars or critical comments about politics. It may be on par with the weather for its frequency, but it is dramatically more important [and sometimes more urgent]. In France, its context is generally around food and the wonderful tradition of the French meal. But in France, like much of Europe, the rates of obese and overweight people has been spiralling upward toward the [awful] US rates.

In a recent Daily Telegraph article entitled “Soaring obesity rate ‘will cause cancer time bomb‘” I was reminded to evaluate my own Body Mass Index (BMI). And despite recent [kind] comments from people saying “but you are thin,” my BMI indicates that I am overweight (by 5 pounds). And even being overweight (not obese) is enough to provoke all those bad diseases that one doesn’t believe one is going to get.

Someone once said to me that driving a BMW is good for safety. I am not at all convinced. But, I am definitely promoting that a low BMI is safer than my driving a BMW. I am an Audi man myself, but BMI remains the focus.

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