I remember in my entrepreneurial days thinking that it was a good idea to have the name of the company start with an “A” so that we would appear at the beginning of the [old concept] yellow pages (sort of the ABCs of marketing). Today, we are confronted with two realities that are interesting in regard to this notion. First, the alphabetical listing of music has never been more pertinent than with itunes and the ipod. In my car that is configured with my ipod feeding directly into the sound system, I find myself listening to ABBA a lot more frequently than in the past until I manage to set to shuffle. Anyone else find they are listening to more A… bands? Think of poor old Zappa.

On the other hand, Google‘s search engine does anything but alphabetic searches. It seeks out the active sites, the sites with perfect matches, the sites with recent updates, the sites posted more than 3 months, etc. Now, that is a new form of marketing that speaks to me… oh father [abba] of all marketers.

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