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I have been a supporter of Liverpool FC since 1972… for silly reasons really (my best pal liked ‘pool at school). So, here I am in Amsterdam, 35 years later, in my hotel room, just having watched Liverpool win the Champion’s League semi-finals against Chelsea via penalties (how do professionals miss penalties?). And I feel odd admitting that I still get nervous and excited watching Liverpool play. Truth be told, I have never put my feet in Liverpool itself, land of the Beatles. Talk about being blindly loyal. Anyway, just happy to see them through to the finals yet again. Quite appropriate that the clinching penalty was scored by Dutchman Dirk Kuyt.

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  1. Minter

    As the guru and a recent acquaintance of mine, Ralph Hippolyte, explains: in the World Cup Final, for the penalty taker, the goal shrinks to the size of a stamp. And, I add, I suppose the 5’10 goalie looks like a giant.

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