You may have heard of the notion of “serious games”… edutainment in its latest form. You play, and you don’t even see the time pass as you learn. Have a few examples of positively interesting games, in part courtesy of Le Monde article yesterday. (the examples are all in French, sorry!)

1) France has a game helping to learn about how to manage France’s national budget! Cyber Budget I am most impressed… for such a dull, yet important topic. Lots of fun interactive games sprinkled throughout…some of which are based on classic video games. Watch out for the press!

2) In a less constructive way (from McD’s corporate POV), there is McDonald’s video game… [it’s been taken down] (in French)! You will learn what you don’t want to know every time you go to Mickey D’s–from a hacker’s pov. Try to spur the sales and profitability of McD’s.

It’s great to see France pioneering in this field (obviously many other countries have examples… which would love to hear about!).

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