Some of you will know that I love (lawn) tennis, but if I had my druthers, I would spend my time playing Padel Tennis. If there were more courts and players, I would be a devout padel aficionado (more about the European or Argentinian variety with the walls as opposed to US platform — aka paddle — tennis). But there appears to be a new concept (at the very least a new marketing angle) and certainly a shared enthusiasm in the US. Here’s a little “marketing” video clip out: it is called “Battle Tennis”. It’s actually another name for California Paddle, otherwise referred to as Pop Tennis.

My favourite game to play, bar none, is padel tennis; although, for practical reasons, I play lawn tennis most frequently (with a recent cameo appearance on the Real Tennis courts of the Queen’s Club in London). So, what’s your favourite all-time sport to play?

UPDATED July 22 2023: Since padel tennis courts have now become available in London — and Queens Club has two courts — I play padel tennis 3-4 times per week now!

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