Eating Out At home – Eat your heart out Dallas

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Surprising statistic from NPD Group saying that in 2006 a typical American ate 81 meals inside a restaurant but ordered a take-out 127 times. That is a total of 208 meals. This means, excluding breakfast, that 208/730 or 28% of meals are outsourced. In the US, there are an estimated 250,000 full service restaurants [in a range from 200 to 300,000] which means that there is one restaurant for every 1160 people (all ages). New York is apparently below par when you include all the incoming commuters, scoring 1228 per pop. And in case you are truly interested, there is actually a site dedicated to this type of stats: Article Alley. “The winer: Dallas has a population of 1,250,950 and a selection of restaurants that add up to 2,666. While the city is known for its BBQ and steak houses there is a surprising mix of great eateries from chic to basic. That means every restaurant, fast food place and steak house in Texas’ third largest city can boast an potential pool of just 469 people. Making this city the winner of the title ‘City With The Most Restaurants per Capita [in the USA].'”

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  1. Sarah

    I lived in Dallas for a year back in 1998-9 and was astounded to see many restaurants do their evening’s work between 5.30-8pm and everyone was tucked up in bed by 8.30pm.

    It’s a shame we didn’t have more disposable cash to try some of the extensive range of eateries.

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