Somehow, it wasn’t exactly an exciting match. There was, despite the ludicrous (16/17) number of missed break points for Federer, an inevitability to the Nadal win (6-3 4-6 6-3 6-4) at the ’07 French Open Finals. The 59 unforced errors by Federer made him look quite human. Interesting how Nadal referred to Federer by his last name in his victory speech (“I’m sorry for Federer, he’s a terrific player and a great competitor”) while Federer used “Rafa” when speaking about his opponent.

With the neat 1MM euro winnings and a 21-0 record at Roland Garros, Nadal should be a happy camper. But, I remain convinced that that left arm is “fully loaded.” It just doesn’t look natural.

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