Taking a Break – Holidays till 9th July/Vacances au 9 juillet

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I am taking a Break from the Blog for two week; will be on Holidays till 9th July. Stay tuned.

En vacances jusqu’au 9 juillet. Au plaisir de se retrouver à mon retour.

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  1. B

    Have a lovely holiday ! Under the European skies maybe (no need to flee Canadian cold for the Carribean anymore)

    ps : by the way I saw Lady Owen Jones at the (chic) lunch of Federation du prêt-à-porter on wednesday, quite nice I thought. It was my last official outing (am leaving the job end of August) not that I’ll miss these much je ne suis pas aussi douée que toi pour les mondanités…

  2. michael

    Have a great vacation Minter, we are going to the lake in Michigan for the month of July. I am now an avid reader of your blog, now that you are in my feed folder. All the best. -Michael (aka Spike, or kingbee, http://www.stylehive.com)

  3. Anonymous

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