After the Economist’s special section on the "A world of Connections" (April 28), I was glad to receive a link from a new (connected) acquaintance, Vincent, on Connected Marketing:  Connection is in the air. 

The ten predictions made by Justin Kirby in 2005 are a testament to how fast the marketing world is changing.  None of the predictions seem particularly novel, nor even a gamble in June 2007.  The question seems to be more a case of WHEN they come true, and when companies and/or brands manage the change. 

One prediction (7) caught my eye.  "Techniques developed in connected marketing initiatives will be adopted for change management and internal communication." In some respects, companies (or more specifically brands) that treat internal communications with great attention will likely also help increase a sense of belonging as well as create a culture of "connected marketing."

One prediction that I might have added to the landswell of change is the relationship between marketer and agency.  Between advertising, web or communications agencies, or even going straight to the consumer, the choice of "supplier" is wider than ever before.  I believe the winners will be whichever are the best consultant.  The most important action is bringing (finding) meaning in the brand that resonates with and to consumers via all forms of media. 

The biggest service the supplier can provide is a panoramic understanding of the brand and, therefore, a most suitable (and dynamic) communication package.  Execution (1/2 of Kirby’s Prediction 1) will play second fiddle in the true search for connection.  Innovation will be important, but meaningfulness will take the prize. 

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