Had a lovely dinner the other night with some old school friends. Not that it [old] means anything, but we’ve all known each other for over 25 years. And, judging by some parts of the evening, we certainly were not wanting to act our age. In certain respects, I am inclined to keep getting younger. The older one gets, the younger one feels like being. That can also lead one to be considered perhaps more eccentric, quirky. But, being the very last eligible year of the baby boomer generation (’64), I feel it in my right to affirm my youthfulness. Yes, I still want to hackie sack, to toss the disc, and wig out to the Dead. I want to feel good. I want to be me. Love this photographic blog on the topic: groovy granny spotter. Have to subscribe to the notion that, as Robin Wight, Chairman of WCRS says, “everybody in their head is 25.” That’s true of the teenager. That’s true of me.

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