This entry will be the first installment of a 3-part string (not a [string] theory, yet) of assorted things people say. The three parts will be: Kids sayings, Adults sayings and Untranslatables. It’s not exactly a meme if you follow the strict the definition. But, each is just designed to eke out a infectious wry smile or perhaps just a smirk (if not your own list).

For Kids Part 1, I have collected a few sayings that I would wager are said by virtually every lucky child, in every language around the world at some point in time (in no particular order):

  • I’m not tired (after yawning twice toward the end of a film).
  • I’m not hungry (for that vile looking sprout).
  • I am hungry (even though we just finished the meal… just the sight of a candy bar in a passing window or in the cupboard at home).
  • I’m not upset (with fisted clenched and arms stiffly hanging down the sides).
  • I wasn’t crying (as if we can’t see those eyes welling up).
  • I didn’t get any (comparing the child’s own plate versus a sibling who appears to have been served more).
  • Nobody loves me (at times accompanied with the sound of the smallest of smiles).
  • I don’t know (when you’re doing homework and that seems like the easiest way out…).

This is of course not a definitive list (hint: join in!).

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