Even though I don’t have Canal+ (cable station in France), I was able to read the score line via BBC Sports Live and watch the end on a miniature screen. What a match. Federer found the resources to overcome his clay nemesis to make it his 5th consecutive Wimbledon crown…in front of the phenomenal (and resuscitated) Borg. Federer managed to win 7-6 4-6 7-6 2-6 6-2, after a fortnight dominated by bad weather. Break out the Pimm’s. The rivalry between Rafa and Roger has just ratcheted up another notch. What I liked about this match was the evident emotion that Roger has curled up inside of this stoic Swiss man and how he managed to find the strength within…as opposed to deflated Roland Garros final. Proof that it is not just genius that has taken him to these heights.

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