Kudos to Kids & Company, from Calgary, for coming to the rescue of the sandwiched baby-boomers taking care of kids and elderly parents. Open to people over 65 years old and typically suffering from significant handicaps and/or disease, K&Co offers swimming, arts & crafts, and other activities. K&Co President Victoria Sopik says that 30 companies have subscribed to the service, although apparently the take-up isn’t there yet. Next stop Toronto and Montreal. [Reports from Independent Online RSA site/AFP]. It seems to have attracted attention in Le Figaro (yesterday) because the concept doesn’t exist here in France. The practice of elderly daycare would appear to be reasonably well installed in North America on the basis of individual requests. The novelty with K&Co appears to be that the companies employing these sandwiched baby boomers are signing up for the service. In any event, this is surely an area that needs investigating! Will Europe follow suit?

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