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Blogger and trackback? Just not compatible (until read slowly the advice tendered on sites like Singpolyma and Andy Beard in the know and then you do some HTML hacking of your own). Sometimes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a technology and a company don’t jive. Personal vendettas, strategic differences or legal manoeuvrings? The battle for standards (VCR, DVD, GSM, etc) seems to have been displaced by the notion of open platform developments. We know about the longstanding battle between Google and Microsoft — as manifested by the continuing difficulty bloggers have of reading blogs on the Blogger platform when using Internet Explorer (go with Firefox). But, the battle between Google and Microsoft may well be taking on a much more serious note according to this article (Govtech) refering to everyday Joe’s use of the ‘net to get up to snuff on health care issues prior to visiting Doc… If the battle between G and M is moving into ehealth care, I hope that, in the fight for standards, the corporate citizens remember the high ground.

At least I have now broken into the trackback world. Now about my back, doc…

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