Came across this page in “Paris Insider’s Guide”. I found on page 41, this print out of the codes that burglars frequently use when they stake out houses or flats prior to breaking in. [Sorry about the quality, I couldn’t upload a higher def version] Robbers sometimes leave these chalk marks next to the entrance of the building (on the pavement/sidewalk, for example). If you see them, don’t forget to rub them out! Perhaps warn your neighbours, too.

Codes that make you think:
charitable people (4th row down, 1st symbol)
the husband likes women (5th row, 3rd)
the husband is dead (1st row, 2nd)
to be welcomed, talk about God… (1st row, 1st)

These codes were distributed by the Neuilly Police Station. Page 40 “insurance” of the online guide has more information.

Having never known such a code existed, I thought I should pass it along to any and all.

Stay safe.

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