Being content is synonymous with getting content. In other words, my happiness is relatively linked to the amount I learn in a day (as well as living the love of my family). At the very least, I seek meaning and meaningful conversation. A couple of days ago, over lunch with a bright, entrepreneurial Icelander, Johann, I was filled with enjoyment as we pushed and prodded, anticipated and surprised one another in a very full conversation. Certain encounters have that spark. And, to the extent you can extend that level of intensity and reality among the people you meet, you becomes your circle of friends. You become defined by the people surrounding you.

Not very innovative as far as thoughts go, but defining as far as my life goes.Just as on line it is about the content and the Conversation, one’s relationships off line are also about the same search.

The quest, or perhaps the question, is how to optimize each day and reduce the clutter. Sometimes I get confused or frustrated by the innumerable hours spent in irrelevant moments & conversations. What is the appropriate objective for each day? Of course, the valhalla becomes linked with the quality (and not the quantity) of “content” that fills each conversation and each day. And, in my eyes, content absolutely can include laughter and frivolity–that said, I will typically privilege original humour and frivolity. As long as the content is meaningful…

It all points to a wonderful dictum: be open to learning, be a student of life. As Robin Sharma said in a wonderful podcast, be the Renaissance Man (or Woman). Look to learn. Learn about anything and everything. Seek content, but know that contributing content is the best way to getting access to content.

A little collection of blogs & reading about Renaissance Men/Women:

Keep up the search!


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