France’s 87-10 drubbing of Namibia will definitely help return the team to a positive state of mind in preparation for the battle with Ireland (coming up on Friday, 21st, at Stade de France, Paris). Caveman Chabal’s two scores were priceless and the 13 try performance will do wonders for reminding the mind, the body and team how to score. Moreover,it was a timely moment to notch a record winning margin of victory for the French national team. Fielding a team of 10 players from Toulouse and playing in Toulouse could not have hurt. Flawless scrums and 14/15 in the lineouts was a good outing. And the 11/13 conversions in the kicking department is a good sign too. Kudos to Namibia for getting the last word in with the last run over, cutting the margin to 77.

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