I mentioned in a prior post that on-line activity in elections was heating up (Turkey, for example). The elections of the future can and will be decided by the online campaigning. In the pursuit of open debate, we can hope to see lots of online chatting, blogging, etc., on the candidates in the run up to elections.

Australia is taking the bull by the horns by creating a Google platform for “2007 Australian Federal Elections” for electors to read up on the candidates, use Google maps, games and gadgets. The Google site (no longer functional) provides an aggregation of information that, if mismanaged, could certainly go bad (and bring Cory Doctorow’s vision of the future just a little closer.

Here’s the story from Google’s own blog. “At Google, we believe that democracy on the web works, and also that the web can work for democracy,” says the company on its Australian blog.

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