Left Brain or Right Brain or Both?Are you left, right or whole brained?

One of my favourite ‘business’ books in the past couple of years was “The Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. (@Amazon, 2005). What I enjoyed about this book was a revaluing of the right side of the brain in business and management in particular. We have for so long been focusing on the more Cartesian, logical qualities of the brain; and, yet, as we can see in the shifting of the consumer mindset, there is a growing appreciation of luxury, of adventurous holidays, a new found importance in imagery & symbols: all qualities bestowed on the right side of the brain.

If you are not sure which side of your brain is dominant, there is a fun new online test you can take, which I have was sent on this Perth NowWhich side of the brain are you? site (as in Western Australia). It is a very rapid and visual Right Side versus Left Side of the Brain Test. (Note that this Perth Now article was published Sept 26 2007 – so it took 14 days to be circulated my way. Also it’s also available in Daily Telegraph Australia as of Oct 5).

And for those of who prefer the good old fashioned word questionnaires, here’s a decent and fast one: similar minds. And again from BlogThings.

Some blogging on Whole New Mind

  • Growing Ideas – Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. This site gives a very comprehensive review of the main arguments of WNM. I picked up this image below from G Reynolds — adapted from Dan Pink’s book WNM.
  • Fiction Addict positive endorsement
  • American Assoc of School Librarians – the relevance for people in the teaching and learning fields
  • Again from AASL, a nice review of WNM’s main points by Doug Johnson

And while perusing Dan Pink’s blog, found this story about the Hair Pod, a tidy cabin for haircuts on the go. And I also found this interesting fact courtesy of Dan Pink:
–Only three countries in the world haven’t adopted the metric system: Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States. (Source: Good magazine)

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