In a world suffering from an overabundance of ‘contemporary’ modern art, is it not possible that advertisements will be the best “representation” of our era? Surely, this is what Firebrand TV is counting on (opens Oct 22 2007). The plethora of new art–exacerbated by new media for content (mashups and the like) as well as the impact of new media on distribution–is creating a new level of noise that makes art as investment near impossible. And there is the issue of the quality of the new art being produced. Today’s art is a reflection of today’s society (as it always is). Yet, the statement is not particularly reassuring. So much of the art is merely gimmickry. In the rush to be ‘new,’ many so-called artists are using whatever new media comes to hand and are pouring out art for art’s sake (at best) and meaningless creations (at worst). Even if there is some good quality art being produced (and I count some talented artists among my friends), it is increasingly difficult to know where to look. Take a glance at this list in Wikipedia of “contemporary artists” which is purportedly vetted at some level. I challenge you to figure out which are the deservedly ‘famous’ ones and which ones may be just a passing fad?

So, if “modern art” doesn’t have the same value to some of us, maybe we can find solace in the ads which, because of the new media possibilities, will have to become increasingly ‘intelligent’ to make it through the noise.

In any event, here’s a site worth visiting if you are interested in marketing and communication: Ads of the World is an archive of ads that also serves as a community for ad freaks, showcasing a selection of ads (including video) from around the world.

Two of my favorites: Learning to draw. “We teach that tricky area between 2 and 3.” Particularly a propos regarding contemporary art.

And, one of the ads where the message is in the detail… from France 24 (on the left). Beyond the news. When you go visit the site, you will see the detail and the beauty of this creation. And, along the ecology theme, check this one out too: just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

After Ads of the World, the other groovy ad site I can recommend is Inventor Spot and a special mention for Tops in Transport. My two favourites for the Transport theme: National Geographic (left) and Canon (right).

Bottom line, there is still plenty of room for great creative. There are lots of opportunities for using new formats inspired by new technologies such as the flexi-double bus (however it may be called technically). And the ads to encourage fitness also got my attention. I add one more just in admiration of the simple conceptual imagination.A blog that gave me some inspiration: Witty Sparks: Countless Creative.

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