Riverdance in Paris

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Riverdance ParisWe went to see the very last performance of Riverdance at Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, along with the intimate 1,000 people… Although our seats were not fantastic, way out on the left hand side, the quality of the production was top notch and the handy binoculars brought the feet action up close.

This was the third time we had seen Riverdance, once in New York’s Radio City Hall, once in Montreal and now in Paris. Over its 12 years of existence (the journey began in Dublin in 1995), that is beginning to sound like Cirque de Soleil status (which I have seen 7 times in the same period). Not that I have seen much differentiation in the Riverdance shows I have seen, but the journey through different lands and emotions remains enthralling.

The highlight of the show is a piece called Trading Taps, a duel between two jazzy tap dancers and three Irish dancers. There is also an act where a woman crouches down and, balancing on one foot, is spun by a man standing behind her at absolutely the fastest I have ever seen a person spin… well beyond the spinning of a figure skater, for example, or the whirling dervish.

In any event, Riverdance, with its journey around the world–and the mix of dance with live music, singing and story-telling–is a recipe for a good family time. For those of you in other European cities on the Riverdance tour, enjoy. And don’t forget the binoculars if your seats are not up close.

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  1. Sarah

    I loved Riverdance when I saw it down here in Montpellier. My mother bought the DVD for the boys and they watched it until it wore out.

    I even mention it in my book!

  2. Minter

    Aside from the world journey, the live music, I enjoy the inspiration it gives the children (and myself) to dance with great precision. Hard to believe that it all began with the (in-)famous Eurovision content…

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