Aeroflot floating a TV advertisement to capture international business travellers? How amusing, if not ironic. I observed on television last night in Gstaad, Switzerland, a television ad by Aeroflot, promising “world class” service. Aside from a very mediocre execution, the ad was bereft of any meaningful message: hardly appropriate for the clientèle of Switzerland, much less this celebrated town. They even downplayed the presence of beautiful Russian flight attendants. The whole ad seemed predicated on the new fleet of new Airbus, ie Western, planes — with “modern” if unluxurious equipment. Hardly a selling point for Western Europe. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to find someone who has put up on YOUTUBE this said ad yet, but if I do… Not sure about you, but the print ad to the right is hardly a reassuring advertisement considering the reputation?

This 2006 TV ad below is little closer to what I might have imagined for Aeroflot (without going to the extremes of Benny Hilldom and the Aeroflot Girls). Either way, they could do with a more adapted message…a little more originality, if not authenticity.

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