Alain Robert – Super Spiderman Scales Skyscrapers for Climate Change

On an ABC World News webcast from 4/15/08, I heard about Alain Robert, the proverbial fou furieux. Robert, a Frenchman, is as close as you will get to a real Spiderman…without the web (but, you CAN get him on the net).

Robert’s passion for climbing began early in his life and came despite a huge fear of heights. Overcoming vertigo as well as a couple of very serious accidents (two comas), he has climbed 75 buildings around the world bare hand. According to him, the best climb was the Sears tower in Chicago – still one of the tallest buildings in the world. In a climb of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in 2003, he was watched by a crowd of about 100,000 people. See his biography here on is own site.

Each time, Robert gets into some kind of trouble… and depending on the country is fined (no more than 2000$) or spends a bit of time in jail as consequence.

Aside from overcoming his own fears, Robert does these stunts to raise awareness for Climate Change, or is it Climb-ate Change? Having scaled buildings in as distinct places as Hong Kong, Taipei, Finland, Lithuania and Moscow, it is a great [and unique] way to see the world. I suppose his carbon footprint is compensated by not taking the elevator up.

Not sure from where his funding comes — have to imagine it is more than available on his [hair raising] sponsors page. Guess his speaker fees are up there.

Here is a gripping 7-minute video from YouTube on Alain Robert free-climbing.

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