The Dials Psychedelic MusicEver get the feeling you missed out on something in life with the career that you chose? Well, I have always enjoyed a few passions on the side, including writing and music. If I were to have created a band, I think to myself, what band would that have been? What name would I have given it? Anyway, someone else did the thinking for me as I discovered that, out of Brighton, a band was formed a few years ago named The Dials. And, among their influences? The Grateful Dead. (see on their myspace page). I am sure that the Travelling Wilbury’s are in there somewhere too, even if they don’t admit it. The name of a concert they put on last year even appealed to me: What’s Cooking?

And for my friends in Toronto, they have a gig there at the NXNE festival in June (13th).

And if you needed stunning wine review, try this goofy video: YouTube The Dials.

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