An alter ego – The Dials on Vinyl

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The Dials Psychedelic MusicEver get the feeling you missed out on something in life with the career that you chose? Well, I have always enjoyed a few passions on the side, including writing and music. If I were to have created a band, I think to myself, what band would that have been? What name would I have given it? Anyway, someone else did the thinking for me as I discovered that, out of Brighton, a band was formed a few years ago named The Dials. And, among their influences? The Grateful Dead. (see on their myspace page). I am sure that the Travelling Wilbury’s are in there somewhere too, even if they don’t admit it. The name of a concert they put on last year even appealed to me: What’s Cooking?

And for my friends in Toronto, they have a gig there at the NXNE festival in June (13th).

And if you needed stunning wine review, try this goofy video: YouTube The Dials.

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  1. Anonymous

    hi Minter

    thanks for you kind words about our band…
    arrghh that video, so drunk, wish i had been more careful abot who films me when we’re recording…

    again thanks for listening, if you know of any good places to play in paris let us know and we’ll be right over!

    Martin, The Dials

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