Paris de la diversité et du premier emploi – translates (with a play on words in the first word Paris which also means bets/betting) into: “Betting on diversity and a first job.” This advertisement is for a forum in Paris (June 12th, 2008) to help young people — with diverse backgrounds — to get a first job. Oddly, the home page of the site has the wrong date (1st June).

This was a street advertisement that I happened upon this morning, walking on my way to work. But, do you see what I see?

Paris de la diversité
I did a double take. I was shocked.

Paris de la diversité
This handshake looks scarily like a white hand holding a revolver, with the black skin resembling the shaft of a gun. The case of a marketing person not taking a step back from what you are trying to achieve.

Anyone else see the same thing?

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