Luggage’s Slow Autopilot at Roissy CDG Airport

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This conveyor belt at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) airport is an example of how to make tired passengers go crazy. Aside from the usual challenges of getting bags quickly and that priority tags seem to be strictly ignored by the baggage handlers at CDG, the airport has now installed sensors for the entry of the bags onto the conveyor belt (at terminal 2E). The sensor holds the bag if there is another bag within some 3 metres… The photo on the left shows a suitcase waiting diligently. As a consequence, all the bags come out at an excruciatingly slow rate. Just what you need after a long flight. It’s on autopilot alright, but slowtopilot is more like it. Clearly, the engineers did not stand with their clients to experience the agony. With no avenue for feedback, one just has to stand and bear it. Anyone else experienced any other frustrating automation?

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  1. Yendi

    Un seul agent des douanes pour accueillir plus de 500 arrivants jet laggés. Les touristes et visiteurs ne comprennent pas ce qui se passe. Personne ne vient, un deuxieme avion arrive. Un queue de plus d’une heure.
    Certains Francais traversent le passage des douanes sans s’arreter. C’est illégal, mais c’est la démerde, “sortir de la merde”.

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