Philadelphia Eagles fly by the Vikings in Wildcard Playoff 2009

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In the National Football League (that’s American Football), the Philadelphia Eagles [my preferred NFL team] made it into the 2009 playoffs with a wild card berth, thanks to a thrashing of the pre-season champion favourites Dallas Cowboys 44-6 in the dramatic regular season finale as well as invaluable help from two other teams (Oakland upset Tampa Bay and Houston beat Chicago). A veritable little miracle.

In the matchup against the Minnesota Vikings (10-6) on this Sunday (yesterday), the Eagles (9-6-1) put the home team to rest in frigid Minneapolis and advanced to the next round with an impressive 26-14 victory. Next up, the biggest Philadelphia rival, the New York Giants; as I have many friends (Brad, Sam, Burg, my father to mention a few…) who support the NYG, so I look forward to this NFC Semi-Final game.

With the MBL Phillies having already won the World Series, the NHL Philadelphia Flyers currently on top of their division (if a little precariously) and my beloved Reds of Liverpool FC on top of the England premiership, I am beginning to think 2009 will be an auspicious year for my professional sports teams. In any event, it is starting off well (and my happiness will not depend on the outcome of the various matches I assure you).

With this early success and good karma, it is as enjoyable a reason as there can be to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Hearty New Year 2009.

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  1. Brad

    All the best. BUT the Phillies win does not give any credibility to your sports opinions. The Giants will set things straight in world of sports. Stick to more philosophical topics on your blog. It is reassuring however that our happiness is not determined by the success of our sports teams. I think I used to suffer from such delusions.

  2. (green) Brad

    JW you are right, there is no disputing that Phila has had a long dry spell across all pro teams. However, I do remember a time when the sixers, flyers and phils were regularly vying for championships. We may or may not be on a cusp of a resurgence – I think there is some evidence for mean-reversion in these things if you take out the hopeless cases like Northwestern, Columbia and Detroit. (your Bosox do alot for the r2 in the regression).

    Having said that, even if we do take five more championships in the next decade, I would hope that wouldn’t turn us into Bostonians!

    BTW, for the record, I am most definitely not the ‘Brad’ listed as a Giants fan on Mint’s blog…

    (green) Brad

  3. Brad of the Far West

    As a Brad Giants fan, I would be more excited if it weren’t the SF Giants that I support. The A’s, Giants, Niners, Raiders, and Warriors are all looking forward to achieving the mean someday! — Brad of the Far West

  4. JS

    First of all, you have to forgive me. This New Yorker and career Miami Dolfan is still studying the art of being an Eagles fan, which requires learning to hate Donovan McNabb and Andy Reed while cheering rabidly for them, and working myself into a drunken lather before games that I wholly expect to lose. It really helps that my kids’ elementary school teachers wear Eagles’ uniforms to class and our Governor does the post-game, but I’m still having trouble balancing the self-loathing with the nervous euphoria that must end in tragedy to preserve a certain view of the world. Since my Dolphins were obviously robbed this week by a few bad calls and outright cheating (who let those big kids play?), I put the blocking sled out back and I’m working myself up for my favorite NFC team.








  5. Brad (#4)

    As the latest Brad on the scene (#4 I believe) and a long time disgruntled football fan from Baltimore (pre-Ravens) I long ago realized that happiness is not determined by the success or even presence of your sports team. Of course now living in a college town far from an NFL city, I have no choice

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