Restaurant with Wasteful Outside Heaters

Carrot Mob Ganging up on a PeaNo longer acceptable in today’s eco-age, above is an appalling example of waste, right under my nose. This restaurant, COOK, located on our street corner at 27 avenue Niel (Paris 17e), blasts these 4 electric heaters out onto the pavement throughout the colder winter nights. On the night I took this photo, all night long, there was never anyone seated outside. Granted it was cold; clearly, it was just too cold to be seated outside in spite of these heaters extravagantly warming the pavement. You wonder how the employees do not take a stand. Clients should be more enlightened (rather than heated).   Of course, this is the same restaurant where clients park their splashy cars (or faux-eco Smart cars) all over the place, in the bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, delivery zones, etc., without much regard for others.

Similarly, it makes me think that shops that leave their doors open in the midsummer heat to let their air-conditioned air attract pedestrians (like bees to honey) should no longer be tolerated. Maybe there should be a site where we can dump together all un-eco friendly commerces — the stick please!

Carrot MobThat said, on another note, and working the positive supporting angle, I recently learned about Carrotmob, a network of consumers who buy products in order to reward businesses who are making the most socially responsible decisions. As its site says, no one wins in boycotting a location. Everyone can win if you band together and support those making the best eco-efforts.

Let’s campaign for Carrotmob à la française! La manifestation positive!  More carrot.  Less stick… or should I say less schtick?

Their site is a little poor, but you can find out more about Carrotmob via this video:

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

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