Lee Redmond Longest Nails in the WorldA woman, named Lee Redmond, with longest nails in the world suffered a bad car accident over the weekend and lost all her nails.  It is hard to imagine, but she had not cut her nails since 1979.  The combined total length was nearly 9 metres, with the longest a thumb nail at 90cm.  The Guinness Book of World Records will need to find her successor.  (The GBWR site doesn’t allow you to search for more details).

Apparently, Ms Redmond was not the only Salt Lake City long nailed woman.  Here is another “famous” SLN (Salt Lake Nail, as opposed to SNL) case: Barbara Wing Long Nails. And there is quite an underworld in the long nail community — whose existence had completely skipped my attention previously. 

Not sure that Chanel is ready to switch ad campaigns just yet, but points for originality.  All the same, I hope that Ms Redmond has a speedy recovery.  I am sure that the trauma of having normal-length nails will be hard to contend with: imagine the world of unexplored opportunities that will lie ahead of her, such as dialling the telephone herself, putting her fingers through the coffee mug handle, and so on…

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