Hammy the Hamster Goes Organic…

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Which tastes better: organic or conventional food?

This Hammy the Hamster Goes Organic video (and especially the out-takes further below) is bound to produce a smile. And, if you are sensitive to the quality of the food you eat, then you could find the experiment of interest. Created by the authors of the The Cooks Den blog and posted just March 2nd, this clip has already had nearly 1/2 million views, a very quick off lift (thanks to an MSN posting).

“At The Cooks Den, we decided to apply the scientific method to that important question. We brought in an unbiased test subject — one who has superior taste buds, is unaffected by marketing hype, and is unafraid to express her opinions publicly.”

What if a food company latched on to this? Shouldn’t some organisation like Whole Foods sponsor Hammy? I can imagine a deal that allows Hammy to do some purchasing decisions? “This aisle for Hammy products…”

Here are the outtakes of Hammy. A quick 1-minute spin, worth the watch … at the very least to authenticate the techniques!

A few more pieces of information that you can discover on the Cooksden site: Hammy prefered conventional walnuts over the organic variety. The odd thing was I didn’t even know that organic walnuts existed. The broccoli left Hammy indifferent the most. The item for which organic was most important was cheese. Gives a whole new meaning to who moved my cheese.

Next up: organic milk and apples, I hope.

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